About Us

When Vanessa (Mum) and Connor (Son) decided to open a cafe, the dream was to create a café that’s not just a café, but a carousel of camaraderie and caffeine.

Connor's secret to a perfect brew? Well he is a well trained barista, but the secret ingredient is Love! When complimented on his coffee, he declares, "It's brewed with love!"

The baristas? They're like coffee ninjas, each with their unique style of coffee-fu, turning every coffee order into a mini-adventure. Partnering with Inglewood Roasters isn't just about sourcing beans; it's like teaming up with old friends for a coffee-themed superhero squad.

Here, every sip is a story, every customer a character in the delightful, ever-unfolding tale of Vanessa and Connor’s dream café - a place where laughter is served in cups and every visit feels like a fun little escape from the mundane.





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